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My Time of the Month - Cycle Chart
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In this cycle diary you will find a chart with 50 templates to record your fertility.This is what you will record in your charts:* your waking temperature, location and time of recording as well as type of thermometer* start of your monthly cycle = first day of your period (also recognisable from the waking temperature)* duration and intensity of your period* presence and consistency of your cervical mucus* estimated time of ovulation* intercourse* special events (alcohol consumption, going to bed late, illness/fever, exclusive or complementary breastfeeding, etc)You can also make note of:* shortest and longest cycle so far* personal estimation of fertile days* general observations regarding menstruation (sanitary protection used, menstrual pain or which pain medications have been used, experiences with freebleeding)* contraception or trying to conceive* anything else of importanceContains a filled in example for one cycle and a short explanation of natural family planning (NFP).***Dieses Buch ist unter dem Titel "Alle meine Tage - Menstruationskalender" auch auf Deutsch erhältlich.***Search words: Cycle, chart, cycle chart, menstruation, calendar, book, software, app, apps, tampon, tampons, sanitary, towel, pregnancy, pregnant, how to get, how to, easy pregnant, easy, ovulation, stick, sticks, pregnancy test, conception, conceive, how to conceive, secure, security, avoid, avoiding, pregnancy, not getting, abortion, condom, condoms, diaphragma, hormons, write, book, write down, remember, note, notepad, baby, baby calendar, wish, babys, children, kid, kids, woman, women, young women, menarche, period, menstruate, birth control, control, controlization, birth plan, breebirth, homebirth, caesarean, section, c-section, freebleeding, the morning-after pill, morning-after, pill, contraceptive pill, contraceptive, gel, calendar, almanac, mooncup, menstruationstasse, diary, diaries, perpetual calendar, calendar, notebook, journal, blog, to find out, fertility, sex, partner, partnership, prevention, preventing, wish, desire, will, parents, breastfeed, breastfeeding, breast milk, milk, mother's milk, breast pump, pump, medela, lactation, lactate, hypnobirthing, breast feeding, breastfeeding, nursing, midwife, midwives, howdie, howdy, gyn, gynaecologist, childbirth, delivery, birth control, after delivery, loop, depo-provera, menstrual cup, femmecup, reusable, diva cup, softcup, comfycup, sea sponge tampons, sea sponge, menstrual pads, washable, sanitary, pads, towels

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